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What kind of leaders do you coach? 

My clients are highly motivated men and woman in leadership roles who want to get better and be more effective.  They recognize the desire and need for change and are decisive in their decision to work together.  Does that describe you?

When you have particular outcomes you are hoping to achieve, are motivated to make real changes and are willing to invest the time, energy and other resources do to so, then coaching can be a very effective way for you to grow and develop.

Is coaching like therapy, consulting or mentoring? 

Not at all.  I do not analyze you or provide advice or solutions to problems.  Coaching is a particular way of having a conversation with distinctions of its own.  I use questions and deep listening to help you hear yourself and design new ways of operating.

Why would I hire a coach who has not worked in my industry before?  

Great question!  I do not need to be an expert in your field or share your life experiences or have achieved your dreams in order to be a superb match for you.  I bring mastery of conversation and powerful questions rather than “answers” as a consultant would do.  Therefore, I do not need to have extensive knowledge or even intermediate knowledge of your profession.

Can I look outside of coaching during our engagement?

Outside sources I might suggest, and ones that you have at your disposal through your company, can complement your experience in our relationship. I can help you deploy them.  If you would like to read up on a leadership subject or learn more about something you are working on, go right ahead and dive into that subject.

What is your approach? 

Our approach is a proven and customized process that is both an art and science of coaching leaders through personal transformation.  The art is in developing discernment in the leader on what is going on in all situations/relationships and interactions and making appropriate and effective adjustments; the science is comprised of several powerful assessment tools that builds the leaders awareness of their motives that are driving their tendencies and behaviors.

We bring this process to the leader as a way for each individual to discover what it is they, uniquely, bring to their organizations.  We empower our clients through an individualized approach to help them discover the best strategies to achieving professional and personal success.

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