Executive Coaching Services

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"

Individual Coaching

Step 1: Alignment with Organization

We align coaching goals with the organizations strategic objectives and outcomes.  This is foundational on which our success is built.  We work with leaders, their managers and other stakeholders to:

  • Define in detail the coaching objectives for the leader, manager and organization
  • Clearly understand the situation of the leader, culture of the organization and environment on which it operates
  • Determine how the coaching effectiveness, leader performance and business outcomes will be evaluated

Step 2: Design the Coaching Plan

Comprehensive information gathering, using various assessments and other tools and processes.  Review current performance reviews, any assessments already in place to facilitate the leader in creating their development plan for coaching:

  • Measuring the leader’s strengths and opportunities for growth by means of 360-degree feedback and other assessment tools and processes.
  • Creating a coaching plan and personal action plan with the leader,
  • Leader shares coaching plan with sponsor and key stakeholders

Step 3: Coach To the Personal Action Plan to Accelerate Performance

Once the personal action plan is completed and approved by leader and shared with sponsor and other stakeholders:

  • Coach to the action plan by conducting 1 on 1 sessions and provide real-time feedback. Sessions are in person, virtual or over the phone.
  • Leader presents their evaluation of their performance to plan and coach discusses measurement of coaching impact on organizational performance and results.
  • Plan for future actions, if necessary.

Step 4: Conduct Feedback Sessions with Sponsor and Leader

Once the coaching engagement is near completion or immediately after the coaching process is completed, an evaluation of the coaching performance is conducted for the sponsor and leader.

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