Team Coaching Services

Team/Cohort Coaching

All organizations are driven by teams and team members will achieve better results when they work together effectively. Cohort coaching fosters more effective alignment among all members to common objectives.  Supporting individual goals while building trust, mastering conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability and focusing on collective outcomes, while establishing agreed ground rules and actions plans for maximum team success.

An absence of trust, conflicting goals, resentment towards underperformers, and a manager’s unclear expectations are all causes of an unhealthy team.  To prevent and overcome these and others, organizations must be proactive to change that toxic environment.  Team coaching can contribute to that change.  We’ll show how you can put into place proven methods through a 5-step process that will elevate your team’s performance.

Step 1: Align the Organization

The journey begins here.  We ensure that everyone understands the collective responsibilities of the team, team member roles and responsibilities, teams’ stakeholder groups and the organizational culture.

Step 2: Address Team Dynamics

 A team is made up of a group of people with complementary skills and with diverse personalities and who are committed to a common purpose for which they hold themselves accountable.  As a coach and consultant, I have found that the biggest challenges teams have are problems associated with personalities.  Our experience in using the Enneagram personality assessment to teams; you can dramatically lessen or even eliminate so many personality problems.

The benefits to the team and to all individuals when you integrate the Enneagram is long, but here are some: increases motivation, improves communication and relationships through active listening, reduces conflict, promotes collaboration and understanding, it elevates empathy, and ensures that people are seen, heard and valued for the contributions they make to the team’s success.

Besides the Enneagram we have incorporated DiSC, StrengthsFinders, Myers-Briggs, 360-degree feedback tools and qualitative interviews to deliver valuable insights and perceptions of what is really happening within the team.

Step 3: Establish behavior Expectations and Eliminate Hidden Agendas

Understanding other team member’s personalities and perceptions is a critical element of effective team performance.  Developing clear and agreed upon behaviors, communications and commitment expectations are important aspect of team coaching.

Quite often, team members have competing values that can lead to unproductive collaboration.  If an organization claims to promote teamwork, but still rewards individual behavior, team members may give personal reward a higher priority than collective performance. These competing values can and will undermine a team’s effectiveness.  Our coaching process will assist team leadership to identify the sources of competing values, personalities and ways to align them.

Step 4: Review and Evaluate Systems

Our ongoing coaching plan prepares the team to continue to review and refine their commitments and obligations, meet its established objectives and any new goals it may face.

Step 5: Support Team and Individual Development

Supporting individual team members helps them learn new skills to meet team expectations.  Each person as a different level of readiness to take the necessary steps to change.  As your team coach, we are sensitive to these differences and use resources to support each person’s development goals.  This includes individual coaching, group coaching and action learning exercises.

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